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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

About Cartier born

Louis-François Cartier teacher Adolphe Picard Street Montorgueil in Paris on 29 Jewelry Workshop on Cartier jewellry was this brand was born In 1847.

Wood that's true luxury brand, 1904 Cartier Santos for an old friend has been under the watch, wrist or on any design Santos, the same year, Cartier jewellry very appreciated about what to watch became a British Crown Royal Jewelry suppliers, such an honor overcome other jewelry brands Cartier behind to become become fashionable pets and permanent.

Three brothers traveling the world in the process of Cartier exotic culture, but also deep and thin to affect the Cartier style. Extensively all over the world, 1902 and 1909, Cartier jewellry London and New York visited, but also lay a culture of high-end branch of Cartier jewellry was founded.
Distinguished guests at the same time magnificent in the shop, "to conquer and to capture more people," Cartier has launched the idea of reproduction and spread are the third generation. Three brothers, all over the world, such as feelings of cultural attraction inspired food has been to collect more valuable design elements. Classic Cartier "Love bracelets sequence, faithful symbol of love and faith.

However, a unified style and unique design, Cartie jewellry and simple list of fashion do not clear the lines and elegant rather than solid complex, with a total let love at first sight. Wear all natural, practical design and wear different occasions, so he felt, and the total over time, there is a master of time. This is an important reason for success is a Cartier jewellry. Queen Elizabeth in 1938, the smallest style bracelet watches Cartier to design a dress in front of the whole world, then, Cartier famous Clock appear in the international arena.
Today, technology, manufacturing expertise and unique style perfectly, regardless of level or time series of jewelry, Cartier products are the brand and private transmission of noble values.

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