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Monday, March 15, 2010

cartier jewellery on Film Festival

Shanda's Cannes Film Festival on May 13 began. In this global film carnival people feast on the Cartier jewellery masterpiece shines bright pleasing as a number of first-line choice for actress's love. May 17, the British temperament Weisz (Rachel Weisz) attend the "Town actress Rachel Square" premiere, Cartier Trinity bracelet in his wrist between.

Rachel Weisz (Rachel Weisz) to wear the Cartier Two for Trinity-wide diamond-encrusted bracelet. Cartier jewellery
famous French May 16, actress Juliette Binoche (Juliette Binoche) an elegant appearance Lumiere Theater "The Prophet" premiere. High Antique Jewellery Cartier earrings flashing their hair, the silhouetted against the sweet smile. Cartier jewellery
May 16, "Do not look (Monica back" of the premiere, the Italian actress Monica Bellucci Bellucci) to wear Cartier necklace dress at the High Antique Jewellery, enchanting luxurious, glamorous peerless. Cartier jewellery
May 16, the strength to Pan (Robin Wright Penn) to wear Cartier send actress Robin Wright jewels to participate in charity "The Art of Elysium" at the annual celebration.Cartier jewellery

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