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Thursday, April 8, 2010

cartier love series

Twentieth century sixties and the seventies, "Love and Peace" theme in the repertoire for the world wide. Cartier designer Aldo Cipullo to make people regain faith in love and commitment, in 1969 at the Kadi Ianiu about studio design can express love and loyalty between the "LOVE" bracelet. It's the birth of a seventies love would never sign. The most significant feature is the need to work together by the couple two people can wear, image interpretation of the love of the trust and loyalty. It is because of "LOVE" bracelet unique interpretation of love, it came immediately upon being praised by a couple who love symbol is the favorite of many star and his wife, such as Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, Sophia * Loren and Ponti, and Shidifumai Kekui En, Nan Xixin Sinatra and Fulankexin Sinatra and Dai Anjia can and 加里葛朗特. Cartier's story from 1847. Louis Francois Cartier (Louis Francois Cartier) under the master disk jewellery shop in Paris, formally established the Cartier jewelers, then Paris, after the throne of contention after some turbulence, but also restored Huadu former Vanity Fair weather, greatly promoted the prosperity of the Paris jewellery industry. Cartier fortunate to have young cousin of Napoleon III, Princess Mathilde's recommendation, the business is growing. In 1902, Cartier opened a shop has moved from Paris to London and New York, New York has become the headquarters of the Kingdom of Cartier. According to legend, only two generations of father and son, Cartier has become the world's "King of jewellery." With a reputation as the Kingdom of jewellery, a Cartier jeweler in Europe and known as the Queen's royal 'jeweler to the Emperor, the Emperor jewelers'. British Royal Family has ordered 27 Cartier used the crown for the coronation. In addition, Spain, Portugal, Romania, Egypt, France Orleans Prince family, the Prince of Morocco and Albania, the Royal also appointed to the Royal Cartier jewellery business. Cartier is not just satisfied with the third generation of the shops in the beautiful reception distinguished guests, three brothers also been traveling around the world and found Jane novelty. Pierre went to Russia, to find the best quality enamel and precious animals carved jade. Jacques went to the Persian Gulf to find perfect pearl; he went to India, the local king of the beautiful jewels of soil back to the London studio, re-design modification; brothers also partner of the Prince from India, where a large number of pearls and precious stones purchased. Eldest son Louis is a talented designer, he revolutionized the jewellery inlaid platinum used. Cartier jewellery popular in Russia, Egypt, Persia, France, the influence of culture in Paris and other places, especially the oriental inspiration inspiration, through the formation of completely abstract geometric design, the characteristics of exotic culture expressed through special channels.

Cartier "Love" bracelet series, a symbol of faithful love and conviction, for decades, "Love" bracelet charm always makes Xinjing shake. By its oval design began, as if a love of the "chains", representing the specificity of each other and may never affectionate. Many stars, such as Elizabeth Taylor, Sophia Loren, have always worn "Love" bracelets. Not only their taste is a highly talented and business-minded designers, and gathered around him a lot of famous jewellery designers and skilled craftsmen, so that the accessories are uniquely designed in harmony reflects the graceful style of Cartier. Cartier launched since the start 1888 watch, famous models, including 1911's Santos Watch in 1909, patented cover pleated buckle, 1919, Tank watches. From 1928 to 1930 period, platinum, quartz and long-shaped white diamond mixture become an important fashion symbol. Under the management of the Louis, Cartier has expanded to distribution of the charm.
The new millennium, the crystallization of 150-year-old debut Cartier jewellery capital. Representative Cartier classics, including Marrakeh and Fleurette diamond necklace, Tetes Croisee ring, Panthere Five diamond necklace and bracelet watch Lakada such, every fancy, perfect forging. Full European feelings Cartier boutique, as if the East new favorite.

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