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Monday, July 6, 2009

The history of the legendary jeweler of the emperor--3


Figure 4: U.S. headquarters .

Emperor's jeweler

Through the tireless efforts of two generations of transmission, Cartier had become the world's most respected jewelers watches, highly praised by the European royal family. The Prince of Wales to the British Crown Prince Cartier is praised as "the emperor's jewelers, jewelers of the emperor." In 1902, the Prince of Wales came from Cartier ordered 27 MOORE headdress shaped, and he was crowned King Edward VII the ceremony to wear. Two years later, in 1904 King Edward VII bestowed the Cartier Royal appointment. Since then, Cartier began by Spain , Portugal , Russia , Siam , Greece , Serbia , Belgium , Romania , Egypt and Albania and the king rooms Duke of Orleans (House of Orleans) and the Principality of Monaco's appointment.


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