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Monday, July 13, 2009

The history of the legendary jeweler of the emperor 11

 Figure 13
In the management of Louis Cartier, the Cartier maintained constant innovation and vitality. Louis innovative style of jewelry design, jewelry and watches on the development of the contribution has been tremendous for the precious commodity market a new form of laying a good foundation. Three brothers in their efforts, the High Jewelry (High Jewelry), watches and accessories into a family by Cartier led the field of the major arts. Louis Cartier in succession with his brother Jacques's death in 1942. That same year, in order to support the freedom of the Second World War the French army, Cartier launched the "bird cage" design of this jewelry was a symbol of the French occupation. Cartier in 1944 to celebrate the liberation of France and introduced the "Free Bird" jewelry design. The same period, the freedom of the French army by the rank insignia is responsible for the design and manufacture to Asia. Figure 14: "Free Bird" brooch, a symbol of the French tricolor of red, white and blue birds with wings out from the cage and the singing of the song, expressing the joy of freedom of the French people, but also highlights the Cartier profound meaning of history and culture . As a result of Louis Cartier and Jacques have died, Cartier in the world open to the gradual diversification of the business. Cartier - After four generations of the established art jewelry watches since the Kingdom of the people of the world to continue to disseminate the incomparable charm. When in 1970 is widely famous throughout the world, "the subject of love and peace", the Cartier design for a couple who love each other, said the bracelets. This style with a unique "screw" design of the bracelet can only be made by the couple to use the screwdriver to open, meaning that Cartier would lock together couples deeply. 1972 Joseph Kanoui together with a group of investors, made to the management of Asia and the appointment of Robert Hocq for president. His fascination with Cartier's long history and tradition, took office during the Cartier in maintaining the traditional, but also gives the organization of Cartier, the new product design concepts and modern atmosphere. The following year he co-Alain-Donminique Perrin introduced Les Must de Cartier range of concepts, and the appointment of Alain-Donminique Perrin, general manager of development for a series of new products, including: gold-plated table, leather goods, pens and perfumes. Cartier global network of boutiques gradually built up, the young growing number of customer groups. Must de Cartier first boutiques to open in more than then, also in Singapore, opened a second boutique. Cartier launched in 1978, gold and stainless steel watch and the first paragraph Series Santos Cartier towel.

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