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Monday, February 1, 2010

The history of the legendary jeweler of cartier jewelry

In high-level jewelry accessories series, Cartier and innovative spirit in every field have a breakthrough in 8-90's, the new Tank Francaise, Chrono Reflex, Collection Privee Cartier Paris, Cartier jewelry and multi-series instruments, leather goods and writing many more outstanding results in field have.
21. century now, a very important group of Cartier Richemont brand, is already the world's top luxury jewelry brands to watch, a classic and innovative design and superior technology is that it is the pronoun. Cartier jewelry has a long history of noble and elegant temperament is still living today have the luxury of fashion dreams.
the world's royal and aristocratic elite to move star, the world famous created a legend Lattice wings came out and songs with the song Figure 14: "Free Bird" brooch, red, white and blue French tricolor symbol, birds, freedom of the French people expressed joy at the same time Cartier jewelry emphasizes the deep historical and cultural meaning.

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